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But play. Play hard.

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Play fast. Play loose and free. Thursday, 22 May Essay : Report on attending a wedding ceremony. Salam post 10 Dah lama tak mengarang english essay tapi tibe2 kena buat jugak untuk report kelas parenting ni. The topic is report on attending a wedding ceremony. Here's an example of mine. Grammar and sentence structure maybe ada salah but still boleh buat reference.

There are many kinds of wedding solemnization in Malaysia since Malaysia consists of many kinds of races like Malay, Chinese, Indian and many others. Last March, my neighbour Pakcik Din held a wedding ceremony for his daughter. They live just in front of my house and the ceremony was held at their house. The preparation for the ceremony was already started a week earlier before the day of ceremony so the arrangement can be made in advance. Pakcik Din gathered neighbours and his relatives for a meeting. The meeting was held to manage and distribute works and tasks for the Hari Bersanding or wedding day.

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The job description between men and women is the very first thing to do in gotong-royong. Majority of the neighbours worked together helping Pakcik Din and his family in preparing all stuffs needed for the ceremony and solemnization day.

It is already became a tradition in my housing estates to sit together and helped each other when an event is held. Dressed in my best, I went along with my family to the bride's home where the 'Bersanding' ceremony was held. The dowry was arranged in a big room. It included everything meant for a house and a television set, refrigerator and a car for the bridegroom. In the early dawn the bride parted from her parents with tears in her eyes to start a new life in her in laws house.


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Application to principal requesting him to exempt you from school games for a month. Formal Letter for Class 9, 10, 12 and Competitive Examinations. Write an Application for the post of a Teacher. All that mattered to me was that he knew I was going to be with someone who would take care of me. I had never had this many butterflies in my stomach before.

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I stared down at my bouquet. I did not think that it would have turned out so good. I made it myself with large and small light pink roses and silver sparkling ribbon tied in a zigzag design all the way around. I felt like a princess in my strapless long flowing beaded white gown. I loved that my butterfly tattoo on my shoulder stood out like a stunning piece of art.

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The colors are so bright most people think it is not real. My veil was what I had always wanted. It had beautiful beading all over that looked like it had taken someone hours and hours to do, and it was long enough to drag the floor.

I had always wanted to wear elbow length white gloves and I found the perfect ones that had beading on them that perfectly matched my dress. My hair was done by one of my good friends who I went to high school with. She put in long dark extensions that matched my hair color. Then she put long loose curls all over.

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  5. It was nothing special, but it looked amazing. I had never felt so beautiful in my life. Every pew in the church was filled with people. I had no idea that so many people would actually come. I was so excited that my uncle had came from California. My grandpa, that I never get to see, also came. It seemed like I had been standing next to the door forever. I started to think about my chihuahua puppy Zoe. I wished she could be here with us. I hated leaving her by herself for a long period of time. I had wanted her to be the ring bearer.