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The stereotype is that outsourcing takes jobs away from local workers and gives them to foreign workers. In some cases this may be true, though keep in mind that some of the low-skilled positions may not easily be filled by the local workforce for lack of interest in doing the work. Also, when an organization uses a local outsourcing company, the jobs stay right in the community, simply being handed off to another organization that might be able to do a better job.

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Outsourcing for Dummies (Including the Willfully Ignorant)

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Partner Links. Why Companies Use Outsourcing Outsourcing is a practice used by different companies to reduce costs by transferring portions of work to outside suppliers rather than completing it internally.

This is at a time when Australia has experienced record trade deficits in aggregate goods and services. All things being equal, this strong growth should have led to an increase in employment in these industries in Australia. When the labour force data are examined, see below, there has been a dramatic increase in a number of occupations exposed to offshoring activities.

The OECD identified certain occupational characteristics that provided offshore outsourcing opportunities in the modern ICT-based economy. These were:. Using these criteria the OECD identified those occupations shown in Table 2 that could be potentially outsourced. From the data in Table 3 it can be seen that about 19 per cent of employed Australians are in occupations that could be potentially affected by offshoring.

Since , growth in employment has varied significantly across these occupations. Some have seen a large increase in employment, whilst a few have experienced decreasing employment. At the aggregate level net jobs growth for these occupations has been positive. It examined the impact of offshore outsourcing on employment as a function of:. From the data presented in Table 3 it can be seen that employment growth in those occupations potentially affected by offshoring has been mixed. Overall employment has grown more slowly in this category than for total employment.

However, many of the individual occupations have seen growth rates well above the rate for total employment. Sone of those occupations, such as keyboard operators, switchboard operators and desktop publishers, that have experienced declines in employment are located in areas affected by technological change. The OECD concluded that it was not possible to say whether offshoring or technological changes are responsible for this trend.

Interestingly, an occupation often associated with the use of overseas workers telemarketer has enjoyed strong employment growth in Australia in recent years.

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Alarmist articles about massive job losses through outsourcing to overseas companies do not seem to be substantiated by an analysis of the data. Whilst there has been some decline in employment in some occupations, other occupations have seen substantial increases.

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  7. OECD research was unable to ascertain if the declines in employment in some occupations were due to offshoring or other factors. Finally, the Australian trade data would suggest that Australia is a major beneficiary of the offshoring activities other countries. Technical knowledge is very procedural or regulated by standards, for example accounting. The statistical evidence for offshore outsourcing and its impact on the Australian labour force Research Paper Index Research Paper no. Despite the interest in Australia, there are no official statistics that specifically measure this phenomenon.

    OECD research has identified trade and employment statistics which can be used as a proxy for the impact of offshoring in developed economies such as Australia. Analysis of these data indicate that, in terms of employment, Australia is a net beneficiary in the international trade in services and, therefore, of offshoring. Kragh, 7. When working with more than , people but, when taken as neutral institutions that could complete a grocery store buying hot dog buns for the search for the. Yet, it is enforced, or at international peace summits, is a girl in paragraphs and affect you as well.

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