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  • Strengthening Test Taking Skills.

When a student volunteers to answer the question, he or she can sit down. Continue until all students are seated. Test Anxiety.

5 Rules for Answering ESSAY Questions on Exams

It examines the four main sources of test anxiety:. It also examines the three main expressions of Test Anxiety:. Charles Community College which has additional suggestions for overcoming test anxiety including positive thinking, controlled breathing, dealing with the fear response, muscle relaxing, rehearsing the test, and other practical suggestions. Exaggerate Your Fear.

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Exaggerations provide a humorous way to look at irrational beliefs and to relieve the stress related to testing. Divide students into groups and have them come up with the most outrageous and worst thing that would happen if they failed a test. At the end of the discussion, have a reporter in the group share the most creative idea. Award a prize for the most creative and outrageous idea. Follow this discussion with some ways to deal with text anxiety. Dealing with Anxiety about Math or Science. Divide the class into small groups to discuss what makes them nervous or anxious about math or science.

What do they find intimidating about these subjects?

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Have a group recorder make a list of the items that cause anxiety. The group should also share some ideas for dealing with these anxieties. Move from group to group sharing one challenge and a solution until there are no new ideas. Have the class suggest additional solutions to the challenges presented. This is a fun activity to do as an introductory exercise or it can be used after the test is returned to the class to emphasize the point of reading the directions carefully. The second handout has math problems. Mid-Semester Feedback.

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At this point you are probably in the middle of the semester. Get feedback on student progress by asking these two questions:. For Online Classes:. Online Discussion Question. Please read the chapter on test taking before answering one of these discussion questions:. Instructor Manual: Test Taking.

Dealing with Anxiety about Math or Science Divide the class into small groups to discuss what makes them nervous or anxious about math or science.

Preparing for and Taking Tests

What are some suggestions for dealing with text anxiety? How do you study for a math test? Make sure you did not overlook any questions.

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Remember, do not change an answer unless you are certain about the change. Succeeding On Essay Tests - Read the directions carefully. The directions will tell you what type of essay you need to write.

The directions will also identify whether you need to write an essay for each question, or select questions that you want to write essays for. Divide the amount of time you have by the number of questions you have or essays you need to write. Be sure to watch the Clock and do not spend all time on one essay. Is your essay to be expository informative , creative, persuasive, or narrative? Once you have read the question carefully write out a quick outline. Include one main idea or sentence for each paragraph you'd like to write. This allows you to plan your Writing and to ensure that your essay is logically organized.

Test Taking Skills

Use your outline to help you plan details that explain or expand on each main idea. If you are writing an expository informative or persuasive essay, be sure to include facts or evidence to support your main points. If you are writing a creative or narrative essay, sentences should be descriptive and engaging. Skip to Main Content. District Home. Select a School Select a School.

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