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Cross-test scores represent your performance across all sections of the test, and categorize your performance. There are questions throughout the SAT that fall into these categories. These scores range from 10 — 40 and are designed to tell admissions officers and you how well you use your skills to analyze text and solve problems related to these two areas. The subscores are also designed to measure your performance in certain skill areas.

Unlike the cross-test scores, they only use information from within the sections. You will get three subscores for questions in Math and four subscores for questions in Evidence-based Reading and Writing. They are reported on a scale of 1 to These subscores are not only a method of evaluating your skills, but are also a hint into the topics and areas the SAT is scoring you on. Notice that geometry is not one of the subscores, but algebra is.

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Part of your score report will show a benchmark for each section of the SAT. Your total score corresponds to a percentile ranking, or what percent of students you scored better than. While not a part of your score, it is important to know how you scored in comparison to other students.

From the College Board. A is about average, so anything above that is above average, and might be considered a good score. A good score will be different for each student. A good score for you is based on the schools you want to go to. Generally, the higher ranked a school is, the better score you need to get in. It also depends on the other pieces of your application. For most colleges, a score of 88th percentile and up will make you a competitive applicant.

And a or higher pretty much opens the door to any institution in the country. That same would make schools like Stanford, Harvard, and Cornell out of reach, and would not be considered a good score if you wished to attend those schools. Fortunately, most colleges publish their average SAT scores and GPAs of incoming freshman on their websites, so it is pretty easy to see where your score needs to be for your dream school.

The schools will usually show the scores that range from the 25th to the 75th percentile of the new class. Your target score should fall between the 50th and 75th percentile of scores for your chosen school. Sometimes the overall SAT percentiles are misleading. Take, for example the University of California system. They publish their overall SAT statistics, but because they prioritize in state students, their scores are usually lower than out of state students. Also, different programs within certain schools have different requirements and averages. The engineering program at MIT is one such example.

Incoming students there have an average SAT score of , but with a heavier weight and expectation placed on the math section of the exam. He decided to retake the SAT. The college he is applying to allows for Score Choice. SuperScore is out of your hands. With Score Choice you decide which test scores you report to a college.

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You have no control or choice in the matter. Many colleges require you to send all of your test scores for review. They want to review your lowest and highest scores. This is important to know about your prospective university because if you decide to take the SAT Essay once without any preparation and receive a very low score, the admissions officer will see this score.

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Furthermore, it also affects whether you retake the SAT Essay. The school can simply review you SAT Essay from the August test, and you can focus on studying the other sections. Remember, even though the SAT Essay is optional before the test, once the test is taken, it is a permanent part of your test scores. If you register and pay for the SAT Essay, but decide before the actual test day that you no longer wish to take the SAT Essay, College Board list on their official website the following option:. So, whether they let you switch is completely up to the staff that day.

SAT READING: DESTROY THE READING SECTION! Tips, Tricks, Strategies for the New SAT Reading Section

Not sure? Two SAT graders read your essay and assign it a score in each of the 3 categories. Their two scores in each category is combine to give you a total score out of 8. So if one grader gave your a 2 for Reading and the other grader gave you a 3, your Reading score would be 5. The 3 categories are always placed in the same order: Reading, Analysis, and Writing. The SAT Essay will give you 50 minutes to read a non-fiction argumentative passage and craft a response based on the provided prompt. Your score will be based on the strength of your essay response. In other words, you must show the 2 graders that your fully understand the text and its implications.

How do you this? What does this mean?

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They want you to analyze those ideas. How do you do this? A good Writing score means your essay was easy to read and understand and had few grammar or spelling mistakes. A great Writing score means your essay had those qualities and also used a mature voice, engaging style, and elevated vocabulary.

Remember, each of these categories is trying to tell an admissions officer something different about you. The Reading category tells a college if you are capable of reading a passage and understanding its argument. The Analysis category is testing if you are then able to recognize the rhetorical devices used in the argument. Are you able to tell the grader what those devices are, why the author used them, and what effect they create? The University of California system and the United States Military Academy may stick with it for a little while longer.

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  6. That said, several prominent colleges still recommend the essay, and I usually still recommend taking it. You would have to do pretty poorly to actually damage your chances of admission. Have your tried the automated Khan Academy essay scorer? On the old SAT essay, a good writer could wing it and do well. The current essay requires a bit more thought and structure.

    Hi, I am an international student and I took the sat last year when I was in grade I did receive a decent composite score but my essay score was a I still thought it was ok until my teachers told me that the essay score should be improved, and now I am considering retaking the test. Should I? Especially since I was under time attack my handwriting was even worse, and now I fear that my messy essay itself would be a great disadvantage, let alone the score.

    Jessica, You should not retake the SAT because of your Could it be improved? Your teachers presumably think highly of your writing skills, so you might be able to do better on a repeat testing. Will it strengthen your application? For example, if you had a and an application that read like it came from a prize-winning novelist, it might raise an eyebrow.

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    Should I retake to improve my essay, especially since I got a 4 in one of the sections? Maria, A 17 total is a good score for the essay. Should I retake essay portion? I see where these essay tests are not required but recommended for college admissions. Do I have to send essay scores if I take essay portion?

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    None of these schools require it. Every application keeps saying I need to enter in a score from , but the essay scores are three parts. Would you be able to help me? Isabella, Do you have an example or two? The Common App has a single field that has you add up your three scores to get a value this is not actually what College Board intended, but it is how many colleges deal with the 3 essay domain scores.

    You are absolutely correct that there is no such thing as a Essay score. Thanks, Maddie. Maddie, Your essay score will not hinder your application. Your , of course, is well above typical.