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If I wish, I can make it a profession in the near future. Moreover, I can preserve the present situation for the bright future by photography. Even on important occasions like marriages, birthdays, receptions and farewells can be preserved through photography. Photography will remain as my constant companion.

Photography is a great source of pleasure for me. It removes the troubles, worries and monotony of life. It teaches me the purity of thoughts and actions. Life becomes dull and meaningless without a hobby. One gets much pleasure from having a hobby. So, every man should have a hobby of his own. Every man has a hobby. And so do I. My hobby is gardening. There is a small slice of land in front of our house.

My Hobby- Reading -By Ameya V -

I have turned it into a nice flower garden. I work for a while almost every day when I find some spare time. I may be asked why this hobby. In that case, the answer is very unambiguous and simple. Gardening is at the same time a process and a result. It quenches the aesthetic thirst of the mind. When I work in the garden, I have a different taste of work.

It gives me an opportunity to work physically, which keeps me active and helps me feel cheerful. I consider this work as play. That is why I am never bored by such work. Besides, the time I spend working in my garden proves to be prolific. When the plants give nice odorous flowers, my heart gets filled with a sense of achievement. I can easily see before my very eyes the fruits of the efforts I put.

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This gives me immense satisfaction. Most importantly, I like this hobby because what I do in my garden ultimately takes the form of enjoyable eye-catching beauty. And who does not want the consequences of his work and efforts to be beautiful? To repeat what I said earlier, a hobby should be there for everyone, and as far as I am concerned, gardening attracts me the most for the above-mentioned reasons.

Maybe in this connection, I should give a brief description of what I do in my garden every day.

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Early in the morning, alter saying my morning prayer, I water my garden. At that Selected Essays time, I pick up any flowers that have withered away and remove them from the garden. My little sister, by the way, take them to make wreaths every day. Her hobby is making wreaths out of those flowers and playing with them.

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  5. Anyway, I work in the garden again in the afternoon. Then I water it again. After doing that if I find that some plants have outgrown others making them look awkward and unbecoming, I trim them up. Then I clean up the garden. Occasionally, however, I remove the plants which die or become incapable of giving flowers and in their place plant new ones.

    It must be mentioned in this regard that all through the year I am always on the lookout for collecting new flower plants that I do not have in my garden. Very often I am offered such rare or coveted flower-plants by my friends and relatives. Now a good variety of flowers adorns my garden.

    I have already told out how my gardening activity benefits me.

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    But how the garden itself benefits me needs to be mentioned too. I benefit much from it. I take a full breath of relaxation. The beauty and enchanting smell fill up my mind with pleasure and ease. A sweet gust of wind sweeping away the smell of lively flowers touches me from all sides and hugs me most dearly. Then I feel as though I were in a realm of dreams. Then my joys know no bounds. Another important benefit that I derived from the garden is that it adds to the beauty of our house, it is in front of the house, clearly seen from the street.

    There are hardly any people who pass by our house without taking a brief look at the garden.


    As a hobby, gardening is the most attractive to me. I love it. Essay on My Hobby — Introduction: A hobby is something that we do not do to earn a living but to please ourselves. We engage in a hobby to refresh our mind after hard work. Without a hobby, it is difficult to enjoy our leisure. Description of My Hobby: I have a bobby.


    I developed this hobby as a child when my parents recited stories from the story books to me. My parents continuously gifted my good books. Gradually My library began to get enriched. Benefit: My library opened the doors of my mind to the outside world. My library has stimulated a love for reading books also. I have collected books on a wide variety of subjects. Every day, after finishing my lessons, I pass some time with the books of my library.

    My Hobby Essay

    Thus I have come to know a wide range of things reading the books in my library. My reading has helped me in many ways. My academic result has always been good and the key is my library. Conclusion: My library is a source of great pleasure and joy to me. It is very important in human life. It has a great influence on our life. It removes our monotony. There are different kinds of hobbies, such as gardening, painting, stamp collecting, kite flying, picture drawing, fishing, coin collection, picture collecting, reading books etc.

    So, hobby differs from person to person. Everybody has a favourite hobby. Hobby differs from person to person. I have also favourite hobby. My favourite hobby is gardening. Some people consider it a mere waste of time and energy. But I do not think. I spend one or two hours daily in my garden. But I think that it is not a waste of time. Every day I do work in my garden. My garden is in front of my reading room.

    Well, this question is both simple and complex, as a hobby in the life of every human being arises from the specific life circumstances. Traveling is a hobby of mine for a number of reasons. Firstly, when traveling, you can learn a lot. When people live in one place and is engaged in all the time the same business, he too gets used to his life, to what surrounds it. He begins to think that somehow did not happen. During the trip, you can dispel this belief.

    This expands the world of the man himself, forcing him to look at the world through different eyes and become spiritually richer.