Spartan social structure essay

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Spartan Social Structure Essay

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Spartan Social Structure Essay

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Rise of Sparta: Social Life, Role and Political History

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VCE Testimonials. These five men were kept in check by a Spartan code that limited them to a maximum term of one year and made them personally responsible for any of their actions while in power. Any member of the ephorate could potentially be put on trial after serving his term.

All in all, the Spartan government was established in this way for a single purpose. This purpose was to maintain absolute stability and hinder any change that could potentially dispose of Spartan traditions, which the Spartans owed their power and success to. Spartan society was can be dissected into three social classes.

At the top were the Spartiate or Homoioi.

Essay about Sparta: Infrastructure, Social Structure, and Superstructure

At the absolute bottom of the social order were the Helots. They were the only Spartans to enjoy full political and legal rights. The duty of the Homoioi citizen was to remain in a constant state of preparedness for war. They were also in charge of keeping the Helots in their place.

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The Perioeci performed most of the trade and commerce within Sparta. They were given a significant amount of freedom but had no political rights. The Helots, although treated the worst, were the backbone of Sparta. They made the Spartan system possible. The Helots were foreign people that had been conquered by the Spartan army and forced into slavery and servitude to the Spartan state. The life of a Helot was a harsh one.

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  • Not only were they worked to death, but also they were widely abused by the Homoioi. Each soldier was given a number of Helots to command. He could do virtually whatever he pleased with them including torturing or killing them. He was however not allowed to buy or sell a Helot because they were not his personal property like a traditional serf or slave.

    The Helots were the property of the state itself. A Helot revolt was a constant fear in the minds of elite Spartans so they were ruled with an iron fist and given no pity as to prevent such a rebellion. Although the life of a Helot was unendurable, every Spartan citizen lived a very cruel and deprived life. The Spartan way of life was based deprivation, discipline, and hardship. The average life of a Spartan male was far less than glamorous.

    If a child were able to pass the test given as part of the infant selection system in which infants thought to be inferior were murdered, they would be raised by their mother until the age of seven. These young males would spend almost all of their lives together training. The warrior bond was so strong in Sparta that the men who lived in such close quarters with each other shared sexual relationships.

    Boys were given a single garment and no sandals for the year as a means of toughening them up. Young Spartan males were also taught to steal from each other in order to fill their stomachs. If a young soldier survived his training he would become a member of the Homoioi.

    A soldier was expected to marry at the age of thirty. Spartan soldiers did not live with their wives and were expected to see them only in the dark of the night in order to impregnate them and procreate. At the age of sixty a Spartan soldier would retire from military service. Thus was the live of a Spartan elite. By separating themselves from luxury and easy living, Sparta was able to condition themselves into on of the most brutal militaristic societies that the world has ever seen.

    Their unique form of government, social structure, and way of life is like that of no other power in history. This is what makes this ancient Greek city-state so historically significant. Sparta: Historically Unique. Accessed October 19, This is just a sample. You can get your custom paper from our expert writers.

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