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Before your call, craft a list of interview questions you KNOW will help you capture the core elements of the story. After: What were they feeling immediately after? How about six weeks after? This line of questioning encourages your interviewee to walk through each stage of the process step-by-step instead of spewing out platitudes.

First, the basics: just like every story has a beginning, middle, and an end, case studies should all follow more or less the same flow:a headline, a challenge, a solution, the results, and a call to action CTA. What It Really Is The headline is the pillar get it?

How to Do It Right A great case study headline draws your leads in immediately by leveraging one or all of the following:. When in doubt, keep your headline simple and direct. Avoid jargon, complicated words, and creative adjectives. Use metrics whenever possible. For example, take a peek at this headline for Looop, a SaaS in the employee learning space.

Even though their study HAS great metrics, none of them were universal enough to appeal to the diversity of leads Looop would be sending the study to. Instead, we chose to use the headline to address the shared pain point we knew all leads would have:. At the time we thought this would throw the big, bright light on the impressive metrics below the headline. Instead, the case study hits like a wet noodle. Juicy, right? Much better than the barf-worthy headline we rolled with.

Looking for a custom case study: what drives students to do so?

One last tip for case study headlines: add immediate credibility, weight and intrigue by including a direct quote from the interviewee on the cover page that talks about the same result or pain in the headline. In this section, you introduce the hero of the story—your client—and the problem they were facing in a way that gets your reader to care about what happens in the end. For example, note the study introduction in the Pillar example above:.

AvalonBay had been only weeks away from turning over the first phase of apartments, and in one night their 18 months of progress had been reduced to nothing. AvalonBay was careful and compliant, but disaster still struck.

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In less than 12 hours, 18 months of construction work disappeared. As you build tension and raise the stakes, be sure to highlight core pain points that readers will identify with to make the story feel personal—like it could be about them. Your job in this section is to help the reader experience the relief, security, and confidence that the actual customer experienced in having their problem solved. For SaaS and ecommerce companies, this means going beyond mentioning the features or elements of a product the client liked and instead tying them to the actions and outcomes a lead could use them for.

As an example, check out this snippet from a study for PracticeIgnition, a SaaS that helps companies send proposals and manage the payment process:. Being open about a product needing to be returned or exchanged, for example, highlights trustworthiness and customer care. People have to adjust. Changes have to be made. For example, your case study might acknowledge if your product had a steep learning curve for the client—before highlighting how you stepped in to help them out.

Authenticity goes a long way for both trustworthiness and likability. Look at all this success! Huge mistake. Give the reader a reason to give a crap. In , there have already been eight fires and two fatalities. The most important thing about your call to action CTA section is simply that you have one. You may want to create different CTAs to use, depending on the context.

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Helpful intel, sure. If you plan to send your case study attached to an RFP, for example, shorter is better as the lead already has a pile of information to sort through. The same typically applies for situations where your lead is new to you: cold emails, ads, in-person sales pitches, and so on. Longer studies are incredibly useful for situations where a lead is primed for detail: in your blog, sent as a newsletter, printed out as a meeting leave-behind, and so on. And the best part is, you can use shorter formats as teasers to prime a lead to read the longer variant.

Done right, your case study has taken you a lot of time and effort to put together. A bite usually takes the form of a slide deck, which is perfect for sharing on social media or during a pitch meeting. The focus here is compelling quotes, impressive metrics and high-level insights at a glance. A snack is a short-form case study, much like the Pillar example we looked at above. Snacks are ideal for onboarding flows and boost your credibility in cold outreach, for example.

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A meal is a long-form case study. The Pillar example we looked at above was just four pages. The long-form version of the same case study extends to eight pages. It includes elaboration, the finer details, more quotes, etc. Depending on your industry, funnel and revenue model, you will use each of these assets at different times.

Off the top of my head, here are no less than 20 different ways a SaaS or ecommerce company could put their case studies to use:. Now they collect one to two new case studies almost every month, and recycle those case studies again and again.

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Today, their sales team uses case studies to explain how they can help to new prospects. Their marketing team has chunked out sound bites and testimonials, which they share via Twitter.

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Their blog team uses case studies to share real-life lessons and examples from buyer interviews. The science is good. The stats are there to prove it. The process is sitting right in front of you. He and his team help amazing companies capture, share, and cash in on customer success stories. A super well organised, and really useful article. Cheers, Corey Hinde.

Thanks for writing the useful post and sharing helpful insight with us. I will try to implement 20 useful tips for creating case study for Saas and eCommerce stories.

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Scheduled 5 client interviews this week using your invitation copy, and already have one in design using one of the PDFs at the top of your piece. Thanks for sharing, much appreciated. Any chance you have an original version of each portion of the re-use examples — bite, snack, meal? Would like to share with my designer, working on my first post-Joel case study share, thanks! This is such a great piece! I love how generous you are with your information and process.

That project we just did would make for a great case study. So much of this can be used for general customer research and interviews. Love the way you put it into story. Thanks for being so generous with your process. Case studies are an essential tool for differentiating your products and services.

They give your prospective buyers what they want—proof that your solutions deliver results for someone like them. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience. The steps when using case study methodology are the same as for other types of research. A search to determine what is known about the case s is typically conducted. This may include a review of the literature, grey literature, media, reports and more, which serves to establish a basic understanding of the cases and informs the development of research questions. Data in case studies are often, but not exclusively, qualitative in nature.

In multiple-case studies, analysis within cases and across cases is conducted. Themes arise from the analyses and assertions about the cases as a whole, or the quintain, emerge. If a researcher wants to study a specific phenomenon arising from a particular entity, then a single-case study is warranted and will allow for a in-depth understanding of the single phenomenon and, as discussed above, would involve collecting several different types of data.

This is illustrated in example 1 below. Using a multiple-case research study allows for a more in-depth understanding of the cases as a unit, through comparison of similarities and differences of the individual cases embedded within the quintain.

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Evidence arising from multiple-case studies is often stronger and more reliable than from single-case research. Multiple-case studies allow for more comprehensive exploration of research questions and theory development. Despite the advantages of case studies, there are limitations. The sheer volume of data is difficult to organise and data analysis and integration strategies need to be carefully thought through.