Reflective essay on dignity and respect

I propose both verbal and non verbal communication is important when dealing with Mr Kee as it is important to ensure the message put across is clear.

Reflective Essay: Dignity and Respect

There is a need to devise a strategy to communicate that would promote empowerment, building on existing strengths so as not to reinforce a sense of helplessness and power imbalance. The MDT experience has emphasised the importance of interprofessional working together as it encourages holistic care to be delivered. The learning gained from this experience will impact my future practice in various areas which include communication and empathy.

As a qualified nurse my role would be to ensure decisions are made on behalf of the service user after much consultation with the service user as communication advocacy is universally considered a moral obligation in nursing practice as it is the crucial foundation of nursing McDonald, Effective advocacy can transform the lives of people with learning disabilities enabling them to express their wishes and make real choices.

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In Mental health nursing, empowerment usually means the intent to ensure that conditions are such that the individual can act as a self advocate Webb, ]. This experience has highlighted the difficulties that may be encountered in communicating and gaining valid consent which I will be aware of in future practice. In order to battle any restriction for Mr Kee to access good health care and prevented anything against his wellbeing. Also, the Nursing actions that will promote and maintain Mr Moses dignity during his care will be described.

I was involved in the care for Mr Moses who has diagnosed with dementia. Dementia is a chronic lifelong condition that causes memory loss, communication problems, incontinence and neglect of personal hygiene Prime, p, Mr Moses neglect of his personal hygiene was profound due to his incontinence condition. Relating dignity in the care Mr Moses, dignity will be define as care given to Mr Moses that will uphold, promote and not degrade his self respect despite his present situation being wet with urine and smell of faeces , frail or his age SCIE, Mr Moses despite his present circumstance should feel value before, during and after his care Nursing Standard, The concept of dignity has to do with privacy, respect, autonomy, identity and self worth thereby making life worth living for them SCIE, However, each patient needs is unique, the level of these concept will varies on individual service user, such as the privacy that other service user need will be different from what Mr Moses require at the time of His care.

When dignity is not present during his care, Mr Moses will feel devalued, lacking control, comfort and feel embarrass and ashamed RCN, Things that emerged in my observation for Mr Moses to be provided with care in a dignified way involves, delivery Mr Moses personal care in a way that maintain his dignity, having support from team members and an up to date training in delivering care, and supportive ward environment NHS evidence, I did raise some issues with my mentor that was missing when attending to Mr Moses which includes: Respect, Privacy, Self-esteem self-worth, identity and a sense of oneself and Autonomy SCIE, Respect is a summary of courtesy, good communication and taking time SCIE.

It is the objective, unbiased consideration and regard for the right, values, beliefs and property of all people Wikipedia, He should not be discriminated. Emphasised should be on Procedures during care should be explained to Mr Moses and his care should be person centre rather than task-oriented Calnan et al, The dignity of Mr Len must be respected and protected as a person who is born free, equal in dignity and has basic human right Amnesty international, The NMC code of conduct state that the care of Mr Moses should be the nurse first concern, respecting Mr Moses dignity and treating him as an individual.

Mr Moses will be approached in a dignified manner, he should be given choice to decide whether or where he want his care to be carried out, demonstrating appropriate communication, sensitivity and interpersonal skill during interaction. Dignity is defy when there is a negative interaction between staff and Mr Moses when freedom to make decision is taken from him BMJ, Mr Moses appearance is essential to his self respect; Mr Moses will require support in changing his wet cloth.

Mr Moses should not be neglected based on his appearance rather supported to maintain the standard he is used to SCIE, The NMC , also instruct nurse to promote and protect the interest and dignity of service users irrespective of gender, age, race, ability sexuality, economic status, lifestyle, culture and religion or political beliefs.

Mr Moses being an elderly man will not be problematic, because according to the code, care should be delivered, his culture preference , such as preferring a male staff to assist with his care. Privacy is closely related to respect SCIE, Mr Moses care should be deliver in a private area, ensuring Mr Moses receive care in a dignified way that does not humiliate him: Discussion about Mr Moses condition should be discussed with him where others are unable to hear and curtain or doors are closed during Mr Moses care Woolhead et al, Incontinence is not uncommon; it may be cause by various reasons.

It affects all age group Godfrey and Hogg, Incontinent is defined to be an involuntary or inappropriate passing of urine or faeces thereby having impact on social functions or hygiene of client DOH, There are various types of incontinent such as: stress incontinent this can occur when coughing, or during physical activities , urge incontinent overactive bladder , reflex incontinent incontinent without warning and mixed incontinent both urge and stress incontinent Chris, Mr Moses may have be a victim of any of the above.

In conclusion my knowledge about the concept of dignity and its importance to health care and the benefit to service users increased. NMC has made dignity clearer to understand by including dignity among its codes. This easy has also clarified that dignity has different meaning to various people.

One week into my placement at the community I was told by my mentor that I will be carrying out an assessment for a new patient that was referred to our service. To prepare for this I started to read the assessment note of other patient and doing research on the best method to get information from the patient. Assessment is a continuous process which includes collecting information in a systematic way from a variety of sources. Norman and Ryrie, The purpose of assessment include judging and understanding levels of need, planning programmes of care and observing progress over time, planning service provision and conducting research Gamble and Brennan, Making an accurate assessment of social functioning provides valuable information about the range of activities that a person can undertake on his or her own as well as those activities where a person requires support Godsell and Scarborough, I observed differences in perception of needs between disciplines.

This was beneficial to the group as it enabled us to achieve a holistic view of possible needs. Age Concern. Help with continence. Amnesty international Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Amnesty International UK, London. Barker, P.

Reflective Essay On Dignity And Respect

Cheltenham: Nelson Thornes. British Journal of Community Nursing Downloaded from bmj. Nursing Times, , In foundations of nursing practice. Philadelphia: mosby elsevier.

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From my. This reflective essay will look at the importance of professional values in establishing a professional relationship with a service user. This reflection is based on an experience I had on my first clinical placement as a student nurse, working in a mental health setting within the North West of England.

In order to comply with the Nursing and Midwifery. Dignity is an essential element of high quality care and involves aspects such as respect, privacy, autonomy and self-worth The Welsh Assembly, I have decided to use the Gibbs Reflective cycle for this essay, this framework guides you through a cycle of questions in order to provide guidance and structure when reflecting on an event or situation.

Respect for Inherent Human Dignity - Careful Nursing

The Gibbs cycle …show more content…. Evaluation A good point that arose from the situation was that Mrs Clarke did not injure herself and that her severe reduced mobility was now recognised and respected due to this incident. Mrs Clarke seemed to recover quickly from the incident. Although she was initially distressed this was short lived. There were several bad points that should be acknowledged. Firstly, I think it would have been beneficial if a second opinion from a qualified member of staff was sought, this possibly would have prevented the situation from occurring.

Mrs Clarke also ended up in a very awkward and exposed position on the floor and the way in which she was manually handled meant her dignity had been considerably compromised. Finally, Mrs Clarke was manually lifted back onto the bed which again potentially put her and the staff involved at further risk of injury.

In addition to this, to my knowledge the incident was not reported. Analysis Although it had been mentioned in handover that Mrs Clarke was confused both Catherine and I were unaware of the reason for this. There are many causes for confusion in older people including, certain medications, environmental change, illnesses and diseases. Show More. Read More. Popular Essays.

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