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Buck, the fall of the House of Hwang and the rise of the Wang family was shown. The story completed a circle of life, with Wang being the center of the circle. While Wang at first was intimidated, he also looked down on the House of Hwang, he soon found that when his family became rich, his house fell onto some of the same curses.

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In both houses, a lack of love for the land was highly noticeable except for Wang Lung , opium was used, slaves were bought and sold even though Wang first opposed slaves, and the future heirs wished to sell the land for money but at the same time lose their support for if the house should fall. When the House of Hwang was in power, Wang noticed how they had a complete lack of love for the earth.

They had to constantly sell pieces of land to pay their immediate debts, but by doing this they gave away their support if a dark time should fall upon the house. Wang knew that this would be the downfall of the house, so he bought the land from the house.

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After the House of Hwang fell, the House of Wang came to power. Wang kept in mind his whole life that without the good earth, he was nothing. Wang worried when he noticed that his sons lacked his love for the land. Wang was disturbed to think that when he passed away his sons would sell the land, and his family would succumb to the same fate of the Hwang house; as shown on page 37 when Wang said, Sell their land!

Land is ones flesh and blood. Opium usage was a major role in the downfall of the Hwang house. The Old Mistress was heavily addicted to the drug, and in her desire for the drug, she drove her house into the ground. On page 39, Wang was paying the Gate Keeper for the land he was purchasing and the Gate Keeper said Here is enough for a few days of opium for the old lady, at any rate.

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In MegaEssays. All does not go smoothly when Jane falls in love with the master of the house.

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It 's safe to assume that most people want to do good in the world. Others might go to countries and help those less fortunate, also good. One might reply that these are. Of Mice and Men, we come to realize that this work portrays various questions when it comes to man and his life.

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That is one of the themes of this work. This theme is like the theme that occurs in the Old Testament immediately. Milton, fails to meet several aspects of the ancient definition.

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Given this, the essence of tragedy is not necessarily lost within a piece of literature. The way she viewed America and the way America is viewed by many others upon this earth have some similarities and differences in various of ways. In Hawaiian culture it is believed that Wakea sky-father and Papahanaumoku earth-mother are the parents of the Hawaiian islands.

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If anything the Hawaiian islands belonged to Wakea and Papa. The islands, being born from an akua God was therefore an akua itself. Land in Hawaiian tradition was not owned but held in trust Kamaeeleihiwa. Buck Essay. The Good Earth by Pearl S.