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Yet, when you start to become friends with the other people in the dorms, it starts to feel more normal and comfortable being away from home. Even so with having met some of the other people in the dorms you still can't fight being homesick. It is really tough to get used to the new food, and not being able to see your family you took for granted all the years before.

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Now, one of the most scary and nervous things I have done in college is play football. Walking onto a totally new team with all new people you have never met before or seen play makes even the best players nervous.

The fear of trying to find your nitch on the team, finding out what type of skills everyone else has, what position you might play, or if you will even play at all. Going to practices Continue reading this essay Continue reading. Toggle navigation MegaEssays. Saved Essays. Topics in Paper.

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My experience with college and earning a degree feels like an elusive treasure I have sought after most of my entire adult life. It was my junior year in high school when my journey began. As most of my classmates chose their best options upon graduation, the most obvious ones were which colleges we would most likely accepted at and attended in. At the time, my heart set on New York University and I felt confident of my acceptance.

My Experience at Flagler College

When I attended high school, I was not an overachiever, but not a. As I wrap up my first semester of my freshman year of college, I begin to think back on my very new experience as a new college student. Between living in a dorm versus my comfortable home and the sudden increase in independence, college life was a brand new experience entirely. To me, it was almost like living a totally new life.

However, I have always considered myself versatile and adaptable, so the transition to dorm life was not as stressful for me as it may have been to my peers, which allowed. My first couple of weeks at Ohio State was rough and really tested my strength mental and physical.

College Admissions Essay: The Experience that Changed My Life

I faced challenges and obstacles that I had never heard about in those past college experience conversations. All of a sudden there was no one to get me out of …show more content….

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I can remember missing classes because I stayed out too late the night before. In high school the teacher would constantly remind the students when certain assignments were due, but this was not the case in college. I learned that the hard way my first semester. These were all new problems that could have easily let escalate without taking the proper actions.

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For the most part I was doing fairly well but a few of my grades began to plummet. I was losing the confidence in myself and started to wonder if going to college had been the best decision. I immediately began attending tutoring sessions, working with peers and also keeping a daily to-do list. These factors were the eventually led to drastic improvement and success.

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After my first semester I learned how better manage my time, take advantage of campus resources and also how to organize myself better. These struggles also taught me that sometimes I try and rush through things instead of taking my time. I realized that one of my strong points is being able to really do well when my back is against the wall. Although I was unhappy while facing obstacles I am happy I experienced them. I believe this experience was the reason for my. Show More. Read More. Popular Essays. Additional Student Resources.

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